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Kundan belongs to the royal lineage of ornamental art forms to have originated in the palatial surroundings of Rajasthan and Gujarat. One of the cornerstones of Indian gemstone industry, Kundan-styled ornaments are fabled to be the oldest form of jewellery worn in India.

For those who trust the blissful purity of gold, Kundan ornaments are a hallmark in subtlety underlined by substance! Alankar’s Kundankars lend a touch of unmatched wizardry to the auric creations to craft one-of-their-own-kind masterpieces.

Our unique collection of Kundan necklaces, earrings, bracelets & rings will transport you to era of unparalleled beauty & royalty.

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Kundan jewellery is created by setting accurately-shaped, cut and polished multi-coloured gemstones into an exquisitely designed pure gold or faux metal base.A skeletal framework (called Ghaat) forms the foundational core of the ornament. The Paadh stage involves the pouring of wax over the frame, which moulds itself to the design’s shape. During the Khudai process, the stones or uncut gems are fit into the framework. The Meenakari (enameling) adds the much-needed finesse and depth to the design, and the intricate process is concluded with the Pakai, which involves the cementing of gems with the gold-foiled framework, eventually soldered together. The gems are then polished during Chillai process to lend them an ultimate shimmering feel. The stringer adorns the ornament with dangling gems to add the final verse to complete a timeless tale of ever-glowing magnificence!